Blair Tech offers top-tier refurbished devices.

Together, Insight and Blair Tech give technology a second life with quality, refurbished Microsoft® devices at a fraction of the cost.

Technology made new again 

Blair Tech offers refurbished hardware solutions that deliver the technology you need without the cost. 

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Reduce your environmental impact by purchasing devices that are otherwise destined for the landfill.

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Every Blair Tech offering is put through rigorous checks, steps and repairs for quality and dependability.

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Blair Tech refurbished devices are restored to like-new conditions, for a fraction of the cost of a new device.

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Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher 

Designated as a leading Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), Blair Tech ensures that every device purchased meets all Microsoft® refurbishment guidelines, quality controls and licensing requirements. 

Thanks to a deep partnership, Microsoft gives Blair Tech exclusive access to fully licensed and supported software products, giving you a seamless customer experience.

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Refurbishment, refined

Thanks to a refurbishment protocol that’s been refined since 2005, Blair Tech delivers trustworthy technology through a rigorous process, refurbishing more than 25,000 computers each month. This includes wiping every hard drive to Department of Defense standards and installing a new Windows® OS on every device.

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