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Identity is the key to security

Today, 63% of data and security breaches involve weak or stolen credentials, according to RSA. As organizations embrace cloud, mobile and web-based applications, the probability of a compromised identity threatening your organization heightens.

Now more than ever, organizations need identity assurance and visibility into access. With RSA SecureID Access, organizations can:

  • Identify all users
  • Simplify user experience
  • Provide many authentication options
  • Minimize access risk

The next evolution in authentication

RSA SecurID Access uses risk analytics, context-based awareness and advanced tactics to provide a seamless process for users using a variety of authentication methods.

RSA multi-factor authentication illustration

Multi-factor authentication

From traditional hardware and software tokens to mobile and biometric, MFA methods provide secure access in the cloud or on premise.

RSA access management illustration

Access management

RSA SecurID Access can enforces polices for over 500 applications at a time, securing your users while ensuring that access is available across devices.

RSA risk analytics illustration

Risk analytics

With Insight and RSA, gain knowledge to enable smarter access movement each point of entry, including risk-based analytics and user and application data.

Business professional using single sign on of RSA Via Access to Microsoft Office 365

Powerful productivity. Superior safety.

RSA SecurID Access enables secure and convenient access to Microsoft® Office 365® by evaluating a set of identity attributes to determine whether to apply Single Sign-On (SSO) or ask for an additional form of identity assurance.

In this way, the application is protected, but users are only interrupted if the situation requires additional authentication.

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